Para Blitzer 30
Para Blitzer 30
Para Blitzer 30
Para Blitzer 30
Para Blitzer 30
Para Blitzer 30
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Our very latest Para Blitzer.......  

Results show 100% positive offset, is slightly above 0 point. The frequency is 30kHz, with a 1% of tolerance, that's standard. This 1% result comes from the high quality of resistors we use, unlike poor quaility with 5% tolerance.

Built in the same enclosure as our Para Eliminator Triple Zap 3, but uses a single frequency 30Hz Circuit Board. This unit has a separate on/off switch, making this unit more reliable.      

This Amazing Para Blitzer 30 can easily be carried in a Purse/Hand Bag and can be used according to the Dr Hulda Clark Protocol anywhere you have a clock or watch to time each part of the protocol.

If you feel tingling, you can move the Blitzer to another place, because it is responding to a lot of acid within the body. Fantastic value for a versatile Parasite Blitzer that can kill parasites, bacteria and virus.

The 30 Hz frequency has been shown to destroy many parasites within the body. However if you would prefer a 15Khz version, we can supply that as well. We have used the 15Hz frequency many times and have dropped off to sleep using it whilst still switched on, so it is a very safe unit to use and is great for any boils or other skin irritations.

*Plus this Para Blitzer contains 2 Micro Orgone Generators and Tourmaline for only £57.00*

We install Mini Orgone with Tourmaline into all of our Superb devices, it has been shown that they clear negative energy from the area and promote healing 

The Para Blitzer has 2 micro Orgone units fitted
 which is a recent form of Orgone Generator and although small it is very powerful. It is made from powdered metals and crystals including Shungite 

Wilhelm Reich discovered the power of a healing force he termed about him on the web and see how he discovered the energy exchange from negative energy to positive.  Trees take in carbon dioxide and give out life giving oxygen in a symbiotic exchange. Orgone is we believe Parasite Elimination Generators  can work even better within an Orgone environment. 

All the bad bacteria in the body are evidently killed within the first few minutes. Frequency Generators appear to encourage the growth of good bacteria. Viruses that are free in the blood and other fluids are also killed quickly but to entirely rid the body of a virus one needs to zap at least three weeks, since viruses hide inside cells and are only exposed to the electric current from a FG when they emerge to replicate in the blood and other fluids.

Three weeks is the life cycle of any virus. Fungi may take days, weeks, or months to eradicate since they often exist in layers. Worms in the organs seem to be destroyed the first day but worms in the intestines may take up to a week of constant zapping to be rid of them.

Many people like to hold the Para Blitzer 30 Hand Holds in their palms during sleep and it easy to keep holding it through the night because the energy feels good. at night is a nice boost for the body restorative/repair functions as well.

The health benefits of the Para Blitzer 30 will reveal themselves over a period of months and years, though you may find the results in the first few days to be most astonishing, assuming that you fairly body-aware. Otherwise, we think it a good idea to immediately put the FG on when even the slightest sickness or symptom begin.

The sooner you use the device, the sooner the symptom is likely to disappear. The longer a symptom occurs, the more damage is being done to the body and damage requires some time to repair.

We supply to individuals and therapists.  (Ask for quantity Prices)

These units are hand built and each one is hand tested using an oscilloscope and multimeter for the correct output before shipping. 

Treat yourself now, especially at this price  



*We still have some earlier DIRECT CONTACT versions in stock and they are only £49 They are exactly the same circuit with Orgone & Tourmaline*.  They are only white versions.


These are only £49 each.  


All of our electronic products are sold for experimental purposes only. We cannot give any medical advice and therefore we advise you to visit your medical practitioner if you believe you have any serious disorder or illness.

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Mine didn't work
Was dead on arrival. There is no indication of ON/OFF position so I suspect it was packed in the ON position and the battery was dead. I wrote to customer services over a week ago but have had no response at all. It is very difficult to remove the battery cover, and when you do there is no indication of which terminal is positive and which is negative so I have been afraid to insert a replacement battery. It is a basic product and I didn't expect much but it would be nice if it worked.
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