Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 With Hand Holds & Gel Pads
Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 With Hand Holds & Gel Pads
Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 With Hand Holds & Gel Pads
Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 With Hand Holds & Gel Pads
Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 With Hand Holds & Gel Pads
Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 With Hand Holds & Gel Pads
Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 With Hand Holds & Gel Pads
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With Copper Hand Holds



Shown with Gel Pads & Adapted Leads

UK Built

CALMNESS BUILT IN As Users report much better sleep and better healing. Contains Orgone & Tourmaline

Our TripleGen 3 has 3 frequencies 15Hz and the 1000Hz used for Food and Tooth Zapping and the standard 30KHz frequency used for the 7 Minute on and 20 Minute off protocol

This Generator if used with the Gel Pads (Optional Extra) can be placed on a shoulder whilst sitting or even driving. They can also be worn around the waistband, where the shirt tucks in.

All the bad bacteria in the body are evidently killed within the first few minutes. Frequency Generators appear to encourage the growth of good bacteria. Viruses that are free in the blood and other fluids are also eliminated quickly but to entirely rid the body of all virus one needs to zap at least three weeks, since viruses hide inside cells and attach themselves to hosts are only exposed to the electric current from a FG when they emerge to replicate in the blood and other fluids.

Three weeks is the life cycle of any virus. Fungi may take days, weeks, or months to eradicate since they often exist in layers. Worms in the organs seem to be destroyed the first day but worms in the intestines may take up to a week of constant zapping to be rid of them.

Many people like to use the 15Hz at night as it is a nice boost for the body restorative/repair functions as well.

We install Mini Orgone with & Tourmaline into all of our Superb devices, it has been shown that they clear negative energy from the area and promote healing 

The SuperGen 1 has micro Orgone units fitted
 which is a recent form of Orgone Generator and although small it is very powerful. It is made from powdered metals and crystals including Shungite 

Wilhelm Reich discovered the power of a healing force he termed about him on the web and see how he discovered the energy exchange from negative energy to positive.  Trees take in carbon dioxide and give out life giving oxygen in a symbiotic exchange. Orgone is we believe Generators  can work even better within an Orgone environment.

The health benefits of the Para Eliminator will reveal themselves over a period of months and years, though you may find the results in the first few days to be most astonishing, assuming that you fairly body-aware. Otherwise, we think it a good idea to immediately put the FG on when even the slightest sickness or symptom begin.

The sooner you use the device, the sooner the symptom is likely to disappear. The longer a symptom occurs, the more damage is being done to the body and damage requires some time to repair. What are the claimed benefits of the 15Hz frequency? Low frequencies are said to be more effective at penetrating the skin and targeting chronic conditions more efficiently.

This current kills the parasites, so more current will kill. So you can do a session at 15Hz and later in the day do another session at 1000Hz and really blast the bugs. report that they feel really good with the 15Hz frequency, as it brings CALMNESS BY REDUCING STRESS, which means that YOU are likely to use the Para Eliminator  far more as it has this frequency. It could be something to do with the Alpha/Beta waves that enhance the feel good state as the frequency falls just at the beginning of the Beta waves and just above the Alpha waves.

Benefits of the 1000Hz frequency. The Food Zappicator uses 1000Hz because it is good for killing bacteria and micro-organisms in food. This frequency is also used for teeth and gums. We ship VERY FAST as we keep these units in stock and can build them very quickly.

The Para Eliminator Generator produces 15Hz.......1000Hz........and the standard frequency 30,000Hz. The postage default is set for UK postage. For International postage, please email for cost.

A Superb Triple Frequency Dr Hulda Clark Type Frequency Generator for only

£85.50  (Usual Price £95)    

All these units are hand built and each one is hand tested using an oscilloscope and multimeter for the correct output before shipping. 

We supply to individuals and therapists.  Ask for Trade Prices for 5 or more. 


All of our products are sold for experimental purposes only. we do not give medical advice or make any claims regarding our equipment. Consult a Doctor if you have any serious health concerns. Do not use if Pregnant or Using a Pace Maker.
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the only multi frequency portable
excellent built easy switch ON OFF easy switch between frequencies copper contact is clean zapping anywhere with three frequencies MUST HAVE ONE in your hands !!!!
truly superb zapper
I purchased a Para eliminator TripleZap from Zappertek and it really is a very high quality Zapper.I have used others, but this is the best Zapper I have ever used,trully superb.Five star rating....George
George Metaxas
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