Zomatron Para Zappers
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Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 With Hand Holds & Gel Pads
NEW VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE PARA-ELIMINATOR TRIPLEGEN 3 With Copper Hand Holds ZAPPER Built In BRITAIN Shown with Gel Pads & Adapted Leads UK Built COMPLETE WITH COPPER HAND HOLDS & GEL PADS CALMNESS BUILT IN As Users report much better sleep and better healing. Contains Orgone & Tourmaline Our TripleGen...
£95.00 £85.50
Para Blitzer 30
THE NEW PARA BLITZER 30 USING A 30Hz CIRCUIT BOARD List Price 77.00 Now Only 69.30 (10% Seasonal Discount) NEW MODEL LATEST SINGLE FREQUENCY PARA BLITZER 30 ZAPPER COMPLETE WITH COPPER HAND HOLDS & LEADS Our very latest Para Blitzer....... Results show 100% positive offset, is slightly above 0 point....
£77.00 £69.30
Older Version Para Blitzer
PARA BLITZER 15Hz (Just like Don Croft Zapper) Ours has Orgone & Tourmaline as well for only 53 We still have in stock the earlier version of the Para Blitzer with Direct Contact discs (Like Don Croft Units) They contain everything the new version has, but the battery has to be changed by taken the 2...
£69.00 £53.00
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