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 We supply Dr Hulda Clark Zappers
& her other Designs

'Zappers have been shown to kill Parasites by Electrocuting them, but  do not kill the good bacteria' 

We have been supplying Dr Hulda Clark Devices for over 11 years.

Dr Hulda Clark was one of those amazing Pioneers of Natural Health who furthered the knowledge of dealing with disease using Natural means.  Because of her example there are now many dedicated Doctors and Practitioners all over the World who  follow her Natural healing methods. We supply her electronic parasite killer devices and also her recommended pharmaceutical grade Herbal tinctures under our BioVerdi brand name. We also supply Liver Detox and herbs to kill Parasites.                                                               
             Dr Hulda Clark                                        

Dr Hulda Clark Designed Products To KILL Parasites.  We Supply Professionally  built Zappers To Her Design Protocol........  

What one of our customers wrote  

'Dear folks at Zomatron, just want to express warm heartfelt thanks to you for building and shipping this excellent zapper to me so quickly. I can feel a really notice-able result after just one complete cycle of the 30khz frequency. Thanks for your very clear and comprehensive instructions too. I’m so grateful to you all'.

Blessings and every best wish

                                           Para Blitzer 30 Complete With Copper Hand Holds.

WE ARE THE 'DR HULDA CLARK PRODUCTS' design specialists in the UK, with the largest specialist range of Parasite eliminators available on one site. Dr Hulda Clark designed the Positive Offset Square Wave unit, called a Zapper, We supply an amazing range of 'Dr Hulda Clark' type parasite eliminators from only Just reduced to £69.30 Seasonal Discount

What Is So Special About The Positive Offset Square Wave design That Is Used In Dr Hulda Clark Designs?


*We still have some earlier DIRECT CONTACT versions in stock and they are only £49. They are exactly the same circuit with Orgone & Tourmaline*.
  They are 15Hz just like the Don Croft Zapper. (We only have the white versions available). Your chance to get a compact direct contact zapper that rivals anything out there. (This version is not available with Seasonal 15% Discount).


For Those Who Want A Top Of The Range Para Eliminator TripleGen 3  (3 Powerful Frequencies)

This Is Our TOP SELLING Zapper at Only £95  Now £85.50 with discount Complete With Everything For Zapping


   Our Best Selling, 3 frequency Zapper

'We believe it is up to every person to be Willing to take responsibility for their own health and those of their families....are you willing?' If so we have an excellent range of Dr Hulda Clark devices. Are you willing to try her methods? Your HEALTH have the choice.


'Every unit is handbuilt and each one is tested using an oscilloscope and multimeter to make sure it has the correct specification before shipping'.


According to Dr. Hulda Clark, drhuldaprotocol

        Parasites Feeding Off Us       

“Health isn’t just being free of sickness.  Health is feeling great, feeling like laughing at funny things.  Health is feeling grateful to be alive.  It is feeling happy to see the sky and to grow things and to feel confident in human society’s progress.  Health is remembering the good parts of childhood and believing you still have a lot of them.” Dr. Hulda Clark
Dr Hulda Clark books available at Amazon

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Electronic frequencies have been shown to kill parasites, bacteria and virus. for many years, therefore you have come to the right place.... as we supply the machines to do just that, such as... 

        New Para Blitzer 30 

           (Usual Price £77)
                                                          £69.30 with Discount     


As well as being a Dr Hulda Clark product supplier, we now supply an excellent version of Dr Bob Beck's Blood-Purifier, we call the Bio-Pulsar.  Find it here


Great Product  

Zappertek and TripleZap 
"Hi! I bought this Zapper last summer, and can just say I'm very pleased. I've had a zapper before but this is the best one so far... with 3 different frequencies which make it very effective for different kind of parasites... I carry it with me always when travelling, but rarely use it... but it's a very good thing to have, makes me feel safe even in challenging environments with all kinds of nasty parasites diseases etc. :) Actually the Zapper I first bought had something broken in it, but the friendly team on the site offerend to check it, and eventually changed it and paid for all the posting charges. So I felt very warm about this. :) Thank you! Can really recommend the site/team and the zapper. One little thing for the future improvement is that I would make the hand holds just a little longer... for my hands would be nice. :) Besides that nothing to say. May you prosper and bring the zapper tech even further with the frequency magic... Thank You! Blessings 5/5 Olli" Olli Ylinen - 19/01/2014
I recommend this zapper
"I bought this triple zapper and was charged the wrong amount by the website, zappertek quickly informed me and refunded me the difference. Aside from that, this zapper is very good. Im following the Hulda Clark protocol and used this zapper as part of it. My gum inflammation reduced in size while I was zapping. Also my gums feel tighter from the zapping. The first few days of zapping on 30KHz I had a burning sensation in my jaws with a headache, Im assuming this was a herxheimer reaction to bacteria being killed. I highly recommend this zapper." Farah - 04/07/2013

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Our Chemtox-Buster has been selling very well, because it is designed to eliminate and counteract the many nasty chemicals getting into our bodies.

The product is a Homeopathic/Herbal combination and is available in easy to use 100ml bottles 







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  Also because of the personal nature of our Generators, Tooth Zappicators and Food Zappicators we cannot give refunds on any product that has been used. Any returns will only be accepted for a product that has not been used and is returned within 14 days. If the product is faulty we offer a full repair or exchange service for 1 year after sale.