Colloidal Silver Generator
Colloidal Silver Generator
Colloidal Silver Generator
Colloidal Silver Generator
Colloidal Silver Generator
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Since you are reading this, then we assume that you may have some knowledge of the theory of Colloidal Silver or CS as it is known.


Silver has been in use for a thousand years at least, and is well-known for its disinfecting abilities.  A silver coin was often placed in a milk container to preserve the milk for longer. Most people use Silver today in its colloidal form, which basically means, silver that has been electronically dissolved from a 99.999% pure, solid silver rod or ingot. 

Our Silver Colloidal Silver Generator works on the constant current principle, which means that an electrical constant current is passed through  two silver rods, which causes an electrolytic reaction, this process enables very tiny particles of silver to part from the rods and float in the pure water solution. 

Our Silver Colloidal Generator is operated via a wall mains adapter, which is far more stable than battery driven generators (US Adaptor supplied to US Customers) (UK Adaptor supplied for UK, Cyprus and countries that use the UK design)  

Lets us know what adapter you need for your country; before ordering. The machine comes complete with two 99.99% silver rods, which are approximately 100 mm (4 inches) long. Replacement Rods are also available 
Our machine produces particle sizes of between 3-5 ppm, which is far smaller than a blood cell. This means that our Colloidal Silver is very easily assimilated into the bloodstream and is efficiently excreted.

It runs from a stable AC/DC converter, thus producing good quality Colloidal Silver within around 20 minutes. We recommend that a good sized drinking glass is used that will allow the Silver Rods to submerge into the water without touching the bottom of the glass. Full Instructions are provided.

Only use Purified or Distilled Water for high quality Colloidal Silver 


Built In The UK








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Excellent Colloidal silver Generator
This a replacement for my much earlier battery zappertek colloidal silver generator. ( This machine had made 1000's of bottles of colloidal silver and was really sad when it died). I have made two glasses with my new machine, can sense and taste a difference, it is full of vitality and the taste is smoother. Know it is superior!
Jane Ervin
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