Dr Hulda Clark Designed Tooth Zappicator

On our site we have a professionally built Tooth Zappicator, as described by Dr. Hulda Clark in her latest edition of “The Cure for HIV and AIDS,” page 232. It is a high quality slim box that acts as the handle with a specially tested and selected North Pole magnetic speaker on the end.

The Tooth Zappicator is ruggedly built, and wired to ensure correct North polarization and contains its own 1000hz zapper as shown on the photo. Our tooth Zappicator has both correct magnetic polarity and electrical polarity. The 1000hz Zapper IS included, so no need to pay extra for a special 1000hz Zapper.
Using the Syncrometer Dr Hulda Clark found that the Tooth Zappicator renders many toxins and pathogens in the mouth harmless. In her last edition of “The Cure for HIV and AIDS” on pages 232-236 she wrote....

Tooth Zappicators

A Tooth Zappicator is a small North Pole speaker fastened to the end of a toothbrush. The tooth zappicator is then held in place on top of the tooth ridge for three to five minutes. A surge of immune power is induced, which removes lanthanides, other metals, solvents, plastic remnants and bacteria all at once. You should have taken germanium, selenite and vitamin C beforehand.

If you have locations in the jawbones that appear infected or “soft” on your X-ray, treat them next. They will have bio accumulations of old toothpaste, mouthwash, dental impression compound, etc. Treat the whole tooth ridge, a segment at a time. Repeat on inner and outer surfaces of the gums, making three sets of treatments altogether. Don’t miss the remaining teeth themselves.

Even when you are not able to search for them first, most hidden cavitations can be systematically cleared by zappicating the whole upper and lower jawbone. Do it yourself to be sure it is thorough. After three zappicating treatments the plastic teeth no longer seep dyes, and the stray amalgam that has saturated the tooth will be chemically changed so it can be removed by the immune system. Tattoos are not removed.

Only a North Pole force coming from the loudspeaker has this effect. Be sure to test the polarity of the loudspeaker with your compass before using it.

There are no side effects but remind yourself of what you are doing: chasing all the metal, plastic and bacteria into your white blood cells and to the kidneys for excretion. Help the process with germanium, selenite, vitamin C, kidney magnets and a lot of fluid to drink. (and we suggest herbal Gravel Root)

Zappicate Plastic Teeth

The tooth zappicator can also be used to harden plastic. For this purpose, press it against plastic teeth or teeth with plastic fillings. Give five minutes to each location, then take a break for at least one-half hour. Repeat a second time on inner surfaces. Take another break, and repeat a third (and last) time on outer surfaces. The effect is permanent.

Ideally, each newly zappicated tooth is now tested with the dental Syncrometer probe for unconsumed (not hardened) plastic, amalgam metals, or clostridium bacteria. Resonance with urethane, phthalate or bisphenol-A implicates unhardened plastic. Resonance with platinum, palladium, thallium, or mercury implicates amalgam. Note that even the tiniest brown spot tests POSITIVE for Clostridium. Try to polish it away with baking soda or emery cloth. If you can’t, go back to your dentist for assistance. Do not have these tiny infections filled afterward. But brush with oregano oil tooth powder and Dental Bleach alternately.

Zappicate The Mouth

Zappicating the teeth does not remove the amalgam remnants still all over your mouth soft tissues. The tooth zappicator can also remove them. Give five minutes to each small area, everywhere you can reach with the zappicator. Taking L-G helps during this procedure. Do not zappicate teeth and mouth on the same day. It could overburden your immune system or give you detox-illness.

In the past, I recommended EDTA, DMSO, and vitamin C as a mouthwash for the final cleanup of amalgam from your mouth. They are not nearly as satisfactory as your body’s own L-G. L-G was evidently meant for removing heavy metals, because the body can do it by itself without leaving a molecule behind, and do it quickly provided L-G is present. It takes about five days for L-G to clear your mouth after first zappicating it, then six weeks to clear most of your body.

Take 1 tablespoon of L-G 4 times daily. See recipe on page 590

This beginning Home Dentistry is a creative innovation of huge significance. Being able to do home dentistry, using the Syncrometer to guide you, may pave the way to caries prevention that has eluded us for so long. You can find a tooth infection long before it becomes a cavity. And you may be able to clear it up with dental zappication and diet changes.

You are also able to clean up after amalgam removal yourself. You can stop seepage from plastic, and keep Clostridium away.

Your mouth is finally metal-free, plastic-free, dye-free, and Clostridium-free. It is a huge accomplishment.

This information is available in the Dr Hulda Clark book

“The Cure for HIV and AIDS”

We just build the Tooth Zappicators and other designs by this clever woman.