Para Blitzer is a Single frequency Zapper with an On/Off switch at the top of the enclosure. The LED will light up and either flash or appear to be switched on permanently depending on what version you have.

You will notice it has built in Copper Contacts that make it very easy to place on a shoulder whilst sitting or even driving. It can also be worn around the waistband, where the shirt tucks in. However make sure it can be easily removed to another location if it starts to tingle.

If the unit does start to tingle after a few minutes you will need to move them to a different location quickly, it does this when the body is too acidic.  If you do not move it, you may get small burn marks like a cigarette burn on the skin directly where the copper contacts have been placed (we cannot be held responsible for this)  

The acid in the bloodstream has evidently collected under the ground or earth disc and creates slightly more amperage through the skin from the positive disc. So by moving the zapper it will keep the acid moving.  Some have stated that the acid in the body is mainly excreted by pathogenic organisms (parasites: fungi, viruses, bacteria, worms) therefore when you kill these organisms with the zapper the skin is no longer acidic 

All the bad bacteria in the body are evidently killed within the first few minutes. Zappers appear to encourage the growth of good bacteria. Viruses that are free in the blood and other fluids are also killed quickly but to entirely rid the body of a virus one needs to zap at least three weeks, since viruses hide inside cells and are only exposed to the electric current from a zapper when they emerge to replicate in the blood and other fluids. 

Three weeks is the life cycle of any virus. Fungi may take days, weeks, or months to eradicate since they often exist in layers. Worms in the organs seem to be destroyed the first day but worms in the intestines may take up to a week of constant zapping to be rid of them. 

It would seem that the only places on the body where you will never get stung while acidic are the palms and soles. Many people like to hold the zapper in their palms during sleep and it’s easy to keep holding it through the night because the energy feels good. Zapping at night is a nice boost for the body’s restorative/repair functions as well. 

The body will not become dependent on zapping, therefore we suggest that the way to get the most out of any battery-powered zapper is to wear it more or less continuously for the first month or so, then wear it each night. The health benefits of zapping will reveal themselves over a period of years, though you may find the results in the first few days to be most astonishing, assuming that you’re fairly body-aware. Otherwise, we suggest you immediately put the zapper on even when the slightest sickness symptom begins. 

The sooner you zap, the sooner the symptoms are likely to disappear. The longer a symptom occurs, the more damage is being done to the body and damage requires some time to repair.  Our direct contact Zappers are quite small and can be taken with you in a purse or pocket.  Therefore you can Zap virtually anywhere, at an office desk, or when driving or just walking around the home. 

Use the slide switch at the top of the Zapper to select the desired frequency.  Dr Hulda Clarks Protocol is 7 Minutes Zapping then 20 Minutes rest, then 7 Minutes Zapping and 20 Minutes rest and a final 7 Minutes Zapping, however we prefer the Don Croft system of continuous Zapping for as long as you feel comfortable with Zapping.  

To change the battery, prize open the lid gently from the side indentation and remove the battery from the battery contacts.  Take care when doing this, as it is quite easy to break the contacts attached to the connector.  Make sure you use a PP3 Alkaline battery. Also keep the copper contacts clean and bright with a washing up sponge (rough side), rub the contacts gently in a circular motion. 

The unit is guaranteed for 1 year from date of delivery and covers the electronics and components against normal use. 

Please note we cannot be held responsible for rough treatment of the unit, if the battery connects or the enclose are damaged by extreme pressure, we reserve the right to make a charge for repair. 

If you are suffering from a chronic condition, please look at our Homeopathic Sprays such as Chemtox Buster and our other Sprays that have been produced to counteract the effects of Parasites, Bacteria and Virus.  We do not just supply Dr Hulda Clark type Zappers, but have been helping people with chronic illnesses for over 30 years. 


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