Dr Hulda Clark was an avid researcher and writer for man-kinds many diseases. She was what many people would call 'fanatical' about the causes of all disease and how to eradicate them.

Her Protocol can be found in all her books she published and are sold in many languages.

Dr. Hulda Clark, wrote: ‘The Cure for all Diseases’ and many she wrote the book 'The Cure For All Diseases' and after that many others. She discovered that if she applied small bursts of electronic frequency to the skin it would destroy most infestations of pathogenic organisms found within in the human body.

The type of parasite living in humans

By blasting these organisms regularly, many people found relief from a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions within days, or sometimes even within minutes of electronic current being administered.  Amazingly; Dr. Hulda Clark noted that these frequencies would not harm healthy human tissue or the beneficial bacteria and flora within the gastro-intestinal system.

Our super ZOMATRON Zappers closely follow the circuitry recommendations established by Dr. Clark. However as electronic design moves forward, a number of improvements and advances are made over
the years by researchers and incorporated into our latest designs.

It is the Positive Offset Square Wave
that is the important design technique that Dr Hulda Clark developed.

Dr. Hulda Clark recommended holding a copper-pipe in each hand connected to the unit as electrode contact points for the unit. We now supply these with the Para Eliminator TripleGen 3 with the option of Gel Pads as well which have become convenient for people to use when walking around. The Para Blitzer 30Hz pocket sized unit complete with Orgone & Tourmaline is our latest Zapper, that can use Gel Pads as well

Below is a quote from Dr. Hulda Clark herself who was a major pioneer in the field of Bio-Electrification along with Dr Royal Rife and Bob Beck and their inventions have been proved over and over again to destroy parasites, bacteria and virus within the human body.

“Health isn’t just being free of sickness.  Health is feeling great, feeling like laughing at funny things.  Health is feeling grateful to be alive.  It is feeling happy to see the sky and to grow things and to feel confident in human society’s progress.  Health is remembering the good parts of childhood and believing you still have a lot of them.” Dr. Hulda Clark