Zomatron ChemTox Buster
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Bioverdi Chemtox Buster
CHEMTOX Buster X 10 New Lower Price 12.00 Each Total 120 For 10 X 100Ml Bottles 'PROTECT WITH HIGH QUALITY.... Bioverdi Solutions' CHEMTOX BUSTER Special Price of 12 Each Bottle when 10 are purchased together One 100Ml Bottle is enough for over 3 months use We have developed our own version of the product...
£150.00 £120.00
Bob Beck Bio-Pulsar
We can now offer another famous parasite electronic device that was developed by Dr Bob Beck who wrote about 'Body Electric' Here are photo's of our new Bob Beck Bio-Pulsar. The Bio-Pulsar is supplied with stainless steel bar contacts and Gel Pads which means the pads can be stuck on the radial pulse...
£99.00 £89.00
ChemTox Buster
'PROTECT WITH HIGH QUALITY.... CHEMTOX BUSTER New Lower Price of 15.00 For a Full 100Ml Bottle For a 100Ml Bottle enough for over 3 months use We have developed a version of Chemtox-Buster which helps combat Chemical/Toxic environmental pollution within our bodies. Our ChemTox Buster contains many powerful...
£28.00 £15.00
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